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Döner Fries $11.50

Huge plate of our house cut fries, topped with veggies & your choice of protein. Topped with garlic aioli, California chili & avocado dressing

Chickpea Veggie Burger $11

Made with sauteed mushrooms, corn, zucchini, carrot, rice and panko served on an onion ciabatta with a cilantro lime aioli.

Naan Pizza $11

An Indian-inspired pizza with goat cheese, basil, green onion, and masala. Add protein $3

Cheese Plate $12

Manchego, smoked cheddar, brie, membrillo, seasonal fruit, candied bacon, almond, crispy pita

Skewer Duo $8.50

Choice of two skewers. Served on rice with dip- ping sauces. For Shrimp + .50

Parmesan Zucchini $6.95

Fried panko-crusted zucchini with spicy buttermilk

Pita & Hummus $5.95

Warm pita, hummus trio

Falafel $6.50

House-Made Falafel and Tzatziki dip

House-Cut fries $5.95

Crispy fries tossed with parmesan, rosemary, green onion, and seasoning. Served with chipotle ketchup

Local Greens $8.50


Organic baby spinach, apple, chickpea, goat cheese, almond, pomegranate, & honey oregano vinaigrette.


Romaine hearts, manchego, preserved lemon, hard boiled egg, crouton, & Caesar dressing.

Sweet + Citrus

Sweet & Citrus— Organic spring mix, strawberry, orange, toasted almond, avocado, crouton, & pomegranate vinaigrette.

add 2 skewers for $5.00

Grilled Skewer Plate  $15.50

Choose any three skewers, and add a side dish from the options
below. Served with rice and a small salad.

Step 1: Choose your 3 Skewers

Pomegranate Sirloin
Herb Marinated Chicken
Local Veggies
Alaskan Salmon
Garlic Pepper Shrimp (+$.50)

Step 2: Choose your side dish

House-cut fries
Pita and Hummus
Parmesan Fried Zucchini

Döner Kebab Sandwich $8.95

A delicious rotisserie sandwich with fresh veggies and
house-made sauces! Comes with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, feta
cheese, fresh mint, and red onion.

Step 1: Choose your style

Rice Bowl
Fresh Pita
Lettuce Bowl
Local Flat Bread
Gluten-Free Tortilla

Step 2: Choose your protein


Step 3: Choose your sauces

Garlic Aioli
Mustachio Habañero
California Chili
Cucumber Tzatziki


Hummus (Creamy or Chipotle) $.50
Grilled Onions $.50
Extra Meat  $2
Shrimp $3