Formerly California Kebab & Beer Garden, in 2015 we decided to expand our in house brewery, Amplified Ale Works, to shift the restaurant’s focus onto the beer, while keeping the California-inspired, Mediterranean-themed menu the same. College friends JC Hill and Alex Pierson opened the first California Kebab in 2009 at San Diego State University, and then brought the concept to Pacific Beach in 2012 with a three barrel brewery and two 7-barrel fermenters. Our brewpub now includes a third 10-barrel fermenter and four 5-barrel serving tanks.

About The Brewery

Beginning in 2016, Amplified Ale Works brews out of a 7-barrel brewery in Miramar, as part of HG Fenton’s Brewery Igniter. Our team focuses our efforts on hop-forward West Coast style ales, sessionable ales and lagers, and a variety of unique, experimental batches. Keeping to our brewpub roots, we still brew small batches on a 7-bbl brew house from Premier Stainless. A tasting room opened at the Miramar brewery in May 2016.

Why We Choose to have Gluten-Reduced Beer

Have a sensitivity to Gluten? Luckily at Amplified all of our beers are Gluten-Reduced with Clarity Ferm. One of our original managers and now assistant brewer, Garrett Reed, is affected by celiac disease. Well, we didn’t want him to miss out on all the taste tests, so when we heard Clarity Ferm could help, we decided to put Garrett to the test and it passed! So today we make sure all our beers are gluten reduced so that our friends and everyone with a gluten sensitivity can enjoy the awesomeness of beer!